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The largest of Kashmir’s mosques. Jamia Masjid has had a somewhat chequered past. Built  and rebuilt following fires that devastated the holy building, it was last repaired in 1961. It is said that Sikander But Shikoh laid the foundation of the Jamia Masjid in 1398 AD and completed it in 1402. He ruled from 1390-91 to 1414 AD while his son, Zain-ul-Abidin, improved it aesthetically. 

It was rebuilt after a fire ravaged it in 1479 AD. In 1620, during Emperor Jehangir’s reign, yet another fire destroyed it. In 1674, a third conflagration razed it down and it was left to Emperor Aurangzeb to rebuild it. Its principal features are the four minars and eight wooden columns as supports


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