HouseBoat History

On landing in the valley of Kashmir for the first time the idea that  most strikes the mind of a visitor is the “Renowned Houseboat” who find it a novel experience for staying, possibly nowhere else in the world. Living on water is traditional in Kashmir and without having that opportunity, at least once in the life time visit to the valley find the most fascinating charm from the deck of Houseboat under a beautiful canopy and enjoy the peaceful surroundings and a mechanized city houseboat like that of hotels are run in economy and luxury classes. Each Houseboat having capacity of 2 to 5 bed rooms, with adjoining bathrooms, dressing rooms, a drawing room, dining room, a pantry upper deck. A Houseboat can be compared to any five star Hotel in any of furnishing fixtures, services and other amenities run by joint families who have won appreciation and praise from visitors all over the world for being professional guides and trekkers. They also undertake sightseeing tours, trout fishing, trekking and other vocational activities.


  •                              Welcome to Kashmir


    "We welcome, you to sylvan and salubrious Kashmir valley. Whatever your faith, whatever language you speak and to whatever region you belong to, we are bound by a common bond, the bond of humanity. You are our honored guest, respecting and protecting guests is not only our moral obligation but article of faith"